Weaving Techniques

There are two principal types of knots that are used in rug weaving
. The first one is called a double knot, a Turkish knot, or a Gordes knot

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. This knot creates a firm, natural weave that makes for a stronger and more durable carpet
. The second knot is known as a single knot, a Persian knot, or a Sennah knot.

Persian Knot
Turkish knot

The first difference in practice between Turkish and other carpets is that Turkish carpets are made usingĀ  a Turkish knot, so that each thread is secured at both ends
. One can not pull a thread out of a Turkish carpet
. However, when a rug is made with a single knot, a thread can be pulled out – from one end of the carpet (though not from the other end).

The second difference between Turkish carpets and carpets made with a single or Persian knot, is that Turkish carpets more labor intensive.