Hereke carpets are not only beautiful art … they are an excellent investment! They are collectors’ items

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. Hereke carpets are often on auction in Sotheby’s, New York and Blomqvist, Oslo. The very fine Hereke silk rugs are extremely labor intensive and the prices tend to reflect that
.  In order to assure the buyers the Hereke Carpet Weavers Association issues certificate for each carpet produced in Hereke.

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checking quality

Quality criteria are:

  1. Number of knots in cm2.

  2. Material

  3. Pattern and regularity

  4. Dyes and color combinations

The finer the yarn and the closer the warp threads are strung together, the denser the weave and, usually, the finer the quality. Average knots in carpets are measured per square centimeter. The minimum standard average for Hereke silk rugs is 10×10=100 knots per 1 cm² and for wool rugs 6×6=36 knots. Much finer silk rugs can go up to 15×15=225, 18×18=324, and incredibly, even 24×24=576 knots per 1 cm².

These dazzling masterpieces exhibit a level of detail that is unique.