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The following are two examples on how Hereke carpets are acknowledged in different textile art books :

….The skill, artistry and technical virtuosity of the Hereke weavers is second to none, and the items they produce are justifiably regarded as among the most distinguished and valuable examples of contemporary textile art…

 – From Oriental Rugs: A buyer’s guide, by Lee Allane, London: Thames & Hudson, 2004, pages 115-6
. reproduced by kind permission of Thames  Hudson.

“The most elaborate Turkish designs are made in Hereke, which, while it produces several types of wool and silk merchandise, concentrates on the finest and most expensive grade of all-silk rugs

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. There has always been a great manufacturing tradition in Turkey, and some sixty years ago towns like Sivas, Izmir and Sparta had as large an output and as great a range of designs as Tabriz or Kashan…

…If finest means best in the carpet trade, then Hereke makes the best rugs in the orient
. The materials (all silk) and colorings are excellent and the designs imaginative and wide-ranging.”

-From Oriental Carpet Design: A guide to traditional motifs, patterns and symbols, by P R J Ford, London: Thames & Hudson, 2002, pages 134-5.