In 1843 the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire in Istanbul called the countries’ best carpet masters to a small town close to Istanbul, to teach the locals to weave carpets for his palaces and royal residences. With all the masters gathered in one place, they worked together to refine and improve the carpet patterns, weaving techniques, and color combinations. Their work reached new levels of excellence
. The results were so successful that these carpets won top awards in many international textile exhibitions. The carpets became the chosen gifts to present at the most important state visits.


In today’s modern Turkish Republic, this factory has been preserved, and turned into a museum. However, the expertise and craftsmanship are still preserved among the local artisans, and carried down through generations of craftsmen.These men and women still produce exclusive carpets, using the same royal designs.

We buy our carpets from a family who has been in this business for four generations. They are members of the Hereke Carpet Weavers’ Association

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. For almost 10 years we have been supplying these incredible carpets to satisfied customers in Scandinavia and overseas.