Founded in 2005 by an engineer turned carpet fanatic, Sultan Carpets strives to be the place where the finest carpets and exclusive interior design products can be purchased.

The founder Fatos Cecen Arnes leverages her Turkish background to import the best carpets directly from producers in Hereke, Turkey

. In this, the values Sultan Carpets stands for are honesty and quality in products and services. Complete customer satisfaction is our goal.

A quality carpet is something that can give joy for many generations to come, and we know that choosing can sometimes be difficult
. Whether you would like to purchase one of the many exquisite wool and silk Hereke carpets we have in stock or would like us to help you procure your dream carpet, we would love to help.
Call for an appointment to see our rich variety of Hereke Carpets in our Gallery or contact us so we can find your dream carpet together online.

Sultan Carpets

About the Founder

Fatoş Çeçen Arnes
Agent for Hereke Carpets
Bachelor of Science, Ankara, Türkiye. Master of Science, Oregon, USA.
Worked 20 years for an oil producing company in Norway.
Established Sultan Carpets in 2005

Even as a child, playing on our carpets, I found myself fascinated by their intricate patterns

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. As I grew older, my interest in carpets increased. I found that I never passed a carpet shop without stopping to enjoy the beauty and fine workmanship of the rugs on display. During my many years in Norway, I kept my eyes open for wonderful rugs like these, but I just did not find them.

So I decided to turn my passion for carpets into a business of my own: Sultan Carpets.

And I didn’t want to sell just any carpets
. I was looking for the finest ones I could find: Hereke Carpets.