high quality, hand made carpets directly from Hereke


Our business is to provide you the guaranteed high quality, hand knotted exclusive carpets directly from its producers in Hereke, ensuring quality and fairness.


Our Guarantees:

  1. Authenticity : Purchase your one of a kind, quality Hereke Carpet securely with our authenticity guarantee. We provide a certificate for all carpets purchased through us, issued by the Hereke Carpets Weavers Association.

  2. Labour Guarantee : No child labour

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    . All of our products are produced by experienced artisans. The majority of these artisans are women and we give 5% of our income to these women’s support organizatios to ensure their continued success.

  3. Price Guarantee : Due to low overhead cost our prices are compatible with the Hereke rug prices in Türkiye. If you find authentic Hereke rugs at a lower price we will buy back your purchase.

I LOVE my carpet!

I enjoy it every morning as I get up and stumble to the kitchen to make coffee and every afternoon when I come home and open the door to my house – and every time I am at the phone in the hall I indulge in the colours and pattern and beauty of it.

The best investment I ever made. Best regards,


F. Høies